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The best way to order from Beetlebox is to hire one of our bundles or packages. Free delivery & pickup is included with all of our Basic Bundles, and they come with boxes, dollies, lables and zip ties. All Inclusive Packages include everything in a bundle, but they also include packing paper, and bubble wrap. Check out the packages available in our prices section.


No more building and taping cardboard moving boxes. Beetleboxes are large, they stack well, and have comfy handles, so they are much easier to handle than cardboard.

Bubble Wrap


Protect your fragile items with bubble wrap.

Cable Ties


Cable ties (sometimes called zip ties) are perfect for securing the lids of your boxes.



Get organised and clearly label your boxes. Boxes already come with labels, but if you feel you need some extras, add them to your cart.

Packing Paper


Our thick packing paper is recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable. Protect your valuables, and protect the earth, use butchers paper. Comes in 2.5 kilogram bundles.

Marker Pen


Great for labeling Port A Robes – Please don’t use them directly on your Beetleboxes!


Beetlebox dollies are custom designed to fit Beetleboxes, so that the boxes are secure, and will not slip off.

Moving Trolley

Need help to move furniture, fridges, whatever? These bad boys are rated to 250 kgs, and have wheels with inflatable inner tubes to make your job easier. Save your back, and rent one.